mjs_soulmate_xo (mjs_soulmate_xo) wrote,

OK, well my LJ has kind of been abandoned lol. So much has been going on. & the fact that my computer was broken for like, 7 months make it harder to update lol. But it's FINALLY been fixed!!! It feels sooo great to have it working again.
I'm not making any promises but I will deffinetly be updating sometime really SOON with a long ass update of what's been happening & how things are.
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hi read your concern on the greys_eps site and am replying here instead.

try downloading the latest version of direct X. you might need to download the episode again. i had problems with sound as well with some of my episodes and i downloaded the ac3 filter codec and divx told me that's what i needed. the divx viewer usually prompts you if you are missing a codec, so you might want to check if it says anything, look it up on google and download whatever it is.

Godd luck!
Thankyou SO much! :)
I will try that now and hopefully it will work!